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All items displayed here were now ON SALE. Only ONE MORE units of each items available. Remember the Item Name and Pay secure online Via our PAY PAL Account. For shipping & Packaging Cost, email us.
All solid wood in mahogany wood. Finished in matt dark mahogany (almost black). Hand made from Indonesia. A combination of strenght and beauty. One of a kind.

Single Queen Anne with drawers 42(w) X 37(d) x 195(h) cm CAD$ 296,00

Wine Rack 99(w) x 45(d)x 125(h) Cm. CAD$ 496,00

Nine drawers LINGERIE CHEST 52(w)x45(d)x156(h) cm CAD$ 393,00

Roll Top FILLING CABINET, 52(w) 47(d) 175 (h) CAD$ 457,00

Nine drawers ANGLE CABINET with flat top 58(w) 52(d) 149(h) Cm. CAD$ 426,00

Nine drawers ANGLE CABINET with triangle top, 58(w) 52(d)149(h) Cm. CAD$ 395,00

Six drawers ANGLE CABINET with flat top , 58(w) 52(d) 107(h), CAD$ 360.00

ENGLISH BOOK CASE with 2 drawers, 52(w) 42(d) 182 (h) CAD$ 394.00

Eight drawers ANGLE DRESSER, 78(w) 45(d) 136(h) Cm. CAD$ 364.00

ETAGERE, 73(w)42(d)68(h) Cm. CAD$ 263.00

WINE RACK with pie safe door, 99(w) 45(d) 125(h) Cm. CAD$ 492.00

BOMBAY CHEST, 97(w) 45(d) 102(h) Cm. CAD$ 411.00

Available in SOFA & LOVE SEATS model: 210L

Model # 211

Model # 212

Model # 213

Model # 216

Model # 217

Model # 221

Model # 223

Leather Chesterfield Style

Model # 219

Model # 240

Model # 311

NEW Model # 777

CHERRY Finished Color

MAHOGANY finished color


ANTIQUE BROWN finished color.

DARK finsihed color


WRITE DOWN THE Model # and FAX for pricing to 1 - 509 - 695 4688 or E-MAIL to: