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ONE OF A KIND Home Accents

Recently, as featured by Rob Report Magazine January Editions Supplements's, Rob Report Collections, a Balinese "Bale" is on sale by NEIMAN MARCUSS for US$ 15,000.00. In Bamboo constructions.
We have the same Balinese Bale/GAZEBO. Bigger size ( 2x2x 2.4 meters) in a better material (solid coconut tree trunk/wood, starting only at
CANADIAN $ 5000,00.00
IT is ONLY US$ 2600.00
If this is not enough, please check our Hand made on imported hand printed fabrice - pillow covers and cushions collections by RIMA MC GRAW, an Indonesian lady lived in Atlanta, US.



Pillow with "Trims"
15" X 15" sized, cushion with selected high quality foam. Covered with attractive fabrice to match the luxury and up scale ambience of your house. Best match with leather/Italian style furniture.
BATIK pillow cover (Indonesian traditional hand print fabrice)
17" X 17" pillow covered by ethnic Indonesian hand print fabrice "Batik". Fabrice imported and made to order direct from Indonesia.
BATIK solid Rectangle
19" x 11" size pillow with Batik cover.
BATIK solid triangle
15" X 15" triangle shapes pillow.
BATIK solid square
Square hand printed cover with quality foam cushion filling, 15" X 15".
BATIK oversized pillow
30" X 30" oversize pillow, covered in hand printed fabrice. A sure thing to steal the attanetion of your home accent. Available in BROWN and BLUE